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Electronic corrosion protection is a method of inhibiting the onset of rust or corrosion on metal by applying an electric current to the metal being protected.

Where bare or exposed metal molecules are exposed to the environment, moisture will cause the metal’s molecules to lose electrons. When that happens, the molecules will combine with oxygen molecules to form corrosion. By applying
an electric current to the metal, a flow of free electrons through the metal is created, essentially shielding the metal’s molecules from the oxygen molecules and thereby inhibiting their ability to combine with the metal

No. This type of corrosion protection has been around for over 100 years.

The Armadillo is a plug-and-play patented electronic corrosion protection application that allows you to protect your vehicle simply by plugging the device into your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) port.

Yes. Following testing in a certified lab, the results were reviewed by a corrosion engineer from McGill University on behalf of the Canadian Government, who confirmed that the electronic corrosion protection in question did
inhibit the corrosion on automotive vehicles. That same technology is what goes into every Armadillo device.


The Armadillo will protect all grounded metal surfaces of a vehicle against corrosion, including the body panels and chassis.

The Armadillo can be installed on any vehicle built after 1996.


Yes. While the Armadillo can’t reverse existing corrosion damage, it will slow down the corrosion process even where corrosion is already present on a vehicle before installation.

Yes. Rust never rests, and neither does the Armadillo. It operates 24/7 to protect your vehicle against corrosion.

Because it draws such a small current, the Armadillo will not drain your vehicle battery. The Armadillo is also equipped with an automatic shut-off just in case your battery charge gets too low. Once your battery charges up again,
the Armadillo will automatically switch itself back on.

Ecological. The Armadillo is cleantech, whereas spray applications emit toxic vapours and contain harmful petrochemicals that eventually wash off into the environment.

Better Coverage. The Armadillo protects areas of your vehicle that traditional sprays cannot, such as the vehicle frame and the inside and outside of the body panels.

Single Application. Spray rust proofing must be reapplied every year to be effective, making it a very costly solution over time. With the Armadillo, you only spend once to continuously protect your vehicle for as long as you own

Transferable. The Armadillo is plug-and-play, making it easy for you to transfer your Armadillo to your next vehicle. Spray applications can only transfer to the environment.

Once plugged in, the Armadillo’s blue LED lets you know it’s working.



Yes. Simply unplug the Armadillo from the onboard diagnostic (OBD) port and insert it into the OBD port of the next vehicle you wish to protect.

Yes. The Armadillo comes with a 5-Year Corrosion Protection Limited Warranty. Please consult the warranty page for details.

Yes. The Armadillo generates a low-level current that is undetectable to the touch and will not affect any other devices. It does not generate any radio frequencies.


The Armadillo is the most affordable, easy-to-install corrosion protection system available anywhere. It allows you to protect your vehicle (and any future vehicle) for years for the same price as a single rust protection treatment.
By choosing Armadillo, you’re also helping protect the planet.